Think of us as your team’s doctor, specializing in the right conversations the right way.

Uncovering your organization’s strengths

We come alongside leadership teams to see, understand and uncover their organization’s strengths and issues, building up their capacity for individual, team and organizational health & growth. Regardless of how you measure success, we’ll get to the heart of the matter together, sort out the issues or barriers impeding health & growth, and build a plan that delivers.

We’ll tailor our approach to your company’s or non-profit’s situation and needs: highly customized so you emerge with a plan that fits your issues, your objectives, your structure and your size. We are not a one-size-fits-all consulting company that will leave you with a binder/door-stop. Your plan will have the measurements built-in, an implementation plan if you need it, and it will align with all areas of your organization. Finance, Accounting, HR, Marketing, Sales, Operations aligned. Whether you’re a department in a large multi-national or a small charity with 500 members, we will come alongside you to develop your size-appropriate plan.

Sometimes it’s about getting to the right conversation – even if it’s a painful one. Sometimes it’s about getting all the issues on the table and prioritizing together. And sometimes it’s about reviewing what you do, how you do it, and most importantly, why you do it.

We go about this in a variety of ways:

  1. Determine the most important conversations to have, by asking the most important – and sometimes difficult – questions
  2. Catalyze the conversations by shaping the questions appropriately, then invite the right people into the conversation at the right time
  3. Inspire the team’s energy, engagement and productivity
  4. Build on strengths and face the barriers impeding health and growth

We guarantee increased health, capacity and growth by having the necessary conversations, restoring relationships, and asking the right questions.

Bill Bickle leads a small consulting practice working globally with organizations of all makeups and sizes – from banks to churches to charities to small manufacturers.

Bill Bickle

Bill is passionate about teams and how they can work better to produce not only great results, but have fun and fulfilment along the way. He has a toolkit of processes and resources at his fingertips like strategic planning, end-to-end process reviews, and leadership development. Two primary tools are Organic Quality Management (OQM), and The Centre for Workplace Engagement (CWE).

Bill has an accounting degree from Queen’s University in Kingston and an MBA in organizational behaviour from York University in Toronto. He spent 25 years working at RBC Royal Bank, half of those in branch banking & administration, and the other in various marketing positions in Project Management, Product Management, and Segment (Strategy) Management.

Bill and his wife Marnie live in Port Hope where he grew up and returned about 20 years ago. After commuting to downtown Toronto from Port Hope for a decade, and when it was time to go on his own, Port Hope became the head office of Fordelm Consulting. Bill & Marnie are active in the restoration of old houses, their local church community, and other organizations in the town.