Problems We’ve Solved

You can become a more engaged and effective team. Through better communication, dealing more effectively with conflict, asking better questions, re-designing processes, and/or developing a new strategic plan.

End-to-end process reviews

We undertake end-to-end process reviews with some customers as we work through where they’re starting. Others can go straight to a plan, but every engagement includes an accurate assessment of where things stand currently.

Small Non-Profit

We worked with a smaller non-profit to identify their key strategic drivers, how they were performing on each through a newly created measurement and performance-dashboard , then launched them forward with plans in two key areas identified as top priority.

Manufacturing Company

We’ve used OQM to assess a small manufacturing company’s current status against eight characteristics aligned with customers, processes and values. We were able to zero in on the issues staff were having with trust and handling conflict, as well as how they invest in relationships across the team.

Car Dealership

Working with the CWE, we worked with a service team at a car dealership to iron out processes and hand-offs, thereby raising the customer feedback measures.

Financial Institution

We developed a strategy for a new group within a large financial institution’s fraud department, wrote the mandates and staffed up the initial team.

Large Non-Profit

We worked with a large non-profit to develop their strategic plan, then moved into the key priority with them. They identified governance and board-management relations as their key starting point before any additional strategic work could be undertaken.

Switching things up

You may not need a new plan, but just a better way of engaging your team. Or it may be how to deal with conflict and an overhaul of the strategy. Regardless, Fordelm can bring new energy and better results to your Team.