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OQM Canada - Organic Quality Management

OQM Resources

Organizations of all types can take advantage of the Organic Quality Management tools on a stand-alone basis, or holistically: some leaders just need a snap-shot of the health of their organization and some require assistance in working through the results, or dealing with the issues it uncovers.

Stand-alone Survey results are often adequate for organizations that have completed several surveys over time; in this setting the survey becomes a barometer of health, or an annual check-up – like going to the doctor for an annual physical.

Some organizations require consulting support to put in place a plan to deal with issues that have been identified by the survey, &/or integrate the Organic Quality Management Survey into a larger process of data-gathering in a more broadly based consulting engagement.

Many leaders take advantage of Fordelm’s expertise in identifying the structural, people or values-based issues and development of an action plan to address the issues.

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