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The Centre for Workplace Engagement

Is a non-profit organization dedicated to engaged workplaces by creating the conditions for healthy, clear communication. In turn, excellent communication leads to thriving, sustainable organizations.

How CWE can help

Training sessions can help a work-group or leadership team learn about engagement, how to communicate effectively, leadership styles,

Facilitation of group discussions dealing with a project, an issue, a specific conflict, or more broadly based conflict.

Leadership Development and Leadership Team Effectiveness.

The cost of disengagement

  • Lost productivity and profitability
  • Absenteeism
  • Presentism (just showing up)
  • More employee complaints and grievances
  • Customer service impacts
  • Watching the clock and boredom
  • Workplace accidents

For more information, contact Bill Bickle, Fordelm,
or visit The Centre for Workplace Engagement.