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What We Do

Uncovering Your Growth Potential

At Fordelm, we work with organizations to help them see, understand and uncover their strengths and transform their untapped capacity into sustainable growth.

Fordelm brings specialized processes and leadership development to organizations that want to build on their core strengths and values. It’s an approach rooted in the fundamentals of organizational behaviour, structure and process – and the innate ability of people.

Every organization is a living organism, made up of, yet distinct from, the people in it. It is the manifestation of the principle: The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. As such, organizations of all kinds have the innate ability to grow, in fact, it’s in their “DNA.” But that in itself is not enough. The potential needs to be understood, uncovered and sustained. It’s a process and that process must be ingrained in the organization.

That is what Fordelm helps organizations do.

Fordelm introduces a specialized process to the organization that uncovers what’s impeding growth-potential and establishes the means to build, expand and sustain growth.

The Fordelm process is rooted in “conversation.” That’s right, conversation. Every organization is connected by, and basically runs on, the collective conversation of its people. Conversations are the glue of relationships and relationships are the foundation of the organization. The “right” conversation brings the organization together, defines its strength, health and motivation and moves it forward. Sometimes the collective conversation is broad, strong and cohesive, but often – albeit, well intentioned – it is fragmented, unfocused, diffused, even dysfunctional.

Misunderstandings abound, missteps happen and growth is encumbered.

Until the collective conversation is aligned and the organization’s purpose and direction annealed, there can be little growth. Everyone needs to be “on the same page.”

Fordelm’s process helps create a foundational conversation that involves everyone and gets the broadest number of people involved. In this way, they are able to embrace a clear understanding of purpose, direction and requisite actions. Action becomes purposeful and cohesive.

The conversation addresses key underlying questions: Who are we? What business are we in? What are our collective objectives? Where are we going? How can we get there? This guided, collective conversation uncovers the barriers to growth and brings out the inner strengths of the organization.

The Fordelm Process

The process results in:

  • Bringing the entire organization together – from the C-Suite and senior leadership-team to volunteers, external stakeholders, front-line staff, production, finance, partners and board members (as required).
  • Exploring and uncovering the shared understanding of the organization – its essence.
  • Revealing the key elements of “What business are we in? and “What we do?”
  • Identifying what’s blocking growth-potential and how to “unlock the blocks.”

Defining purpose and goals

The Fordelm Process is more than just another one-off SWOT analysis or mission, vision, values and yellow-sticky exercise. It is an embedded process that becomes the ongoing, collective conversation of the organization. It connects the parts, it’s part of every day, it’s renewed every day, and it sustains the driving force in the organization – the people.