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Healthy Conversations…
Healthy Churches

Is your congregation engaged in the right conversation?
Are your conversations civil and fruitful?
Lead and facilitate the most important conversations.
Work through conflict and make it work for you and your congregation to lead deaper engagement and greater.

Cost: $250 early bird price, before June 30th
Dates: October 28 to November 1, 2019
Accommodation included: Villa Madonna, Rothesay, NB
Instructors: Anne Martin & Bill Bickle

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Most customers contact Fordelm when they need to tackle a critical growth issue or resolve an issue restraining growth. To see how Fordelm can assist you or your leadership team, call Fordelm at 905-885-6571, via mobile at 416-804-6158, or email them directly at

Bill typically meets with the principles for an hour to assess the issue and identify fit with Fordelm’s capacity/offering/tools & processes.


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Office: (905) 885-6571
Mobile: (416) 804-6158