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We bring to a leadership team, an array of tools, resources and processes to build capacity for greater health, and resulting growth.

We tend the garden, God brings the growth.

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Natural Church Development (NCD)

Natural Church Development (NCD), a global church health institute founded in Germany in 1989 by Christian A. Schwarz. NCD is best known for its iconic church health Survey now conducted over 100,000 times in 65 countries, and in 35+ languages. Its 3 Color Discipleship Series includes tools, books and tests to guide the health conversation at the individual, group, team or congregational level. NCD is based on extensive international research initially in 1,000 churches in 32 countries on 5 continents.  The research uncovered principles promoting healthy growth independent of a church’s denomination, theology, ministry model, liturgical style or size. These principles can be applied in the local church through NCD’s long-term strategic process for improving the church’s health. For more information about how NCD is implemented in Canadian churches, Click Here.

This 5½ minute YouTube video was produce by our Australian National Partner, Adam Johnstone.

A quick overview of the Eight Quality Characteristics and how they constitute the health of a local congregation. Ideal for introducing and reviewing the NCD principles, concepts and processes.