At NCD UK, We work with churches and church leadership teams to identify the barriers to releasing all-by-itself growth potential that God has already placed in them. We bring surveys & assessments, books and processes to apply God’s growth principles.

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You have landed at the right location for church health, church growth, all-by-itself growth, the NCD Church Survey, Natural Character Development, the Trinitarian Compass, or Organic Quality Management (OQM).

NCD-UK is now part of NCD UK & Canada as Bill Bickle is the common National partner for the ministry in both countries. The head of Fordelm Consulting, Bill has been the National Partner in Canada since 2009 and took over from Lynn Chetcuti as the UK National Partner in 2023 when she retired.

NCD Church Surveys are processed differently now, but God’s growth principles haven’t changed! NCD UK is always adding new tools, resources and processes, but all our work focuses on the application of the growth principles by individuals, groups, churches and denominations. In order that all-by-itself growth-potential is released, thereby transforming the heads, hearts and hands of people.

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A sister resource for non-church faith-based organizations, Organic Quality Management (OQM), leverages all the principles, tools and processes of NCD.

Universal Principles of NCD UK & Canada

Healthy organisms grow. Healthy churches grow. These are universal principles.

As the farmer discovers in Mark 4:26-29, growth happens as if all by itself. God’s role is to do the growing; the farmer’s role is to tend the plants and the planting process.