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Over the past 25 years, NCD International has added books, tests and other resources to the original NCD Church Survey.

The Survey can be purchased below, as can most of the books, some of them in bundles. The primary introductory books are All By Itself Pathway, and Color Your World with Natural Church Development, both by Christian A. Schwarz. Christian has written books about five of the eight Quality Characteristics: The 3 Colors of Your Gifts (Gift-based Ministry); The 3 Colors of Love (Loving Relationships); The 3 Colors of Your Spirituality (Passionate Spirituality); The 3 Colors of Community (Holistic Small Groups); and The 3 Colors of Leadership (Empowering Leadership).

Christian‘s work on energy while researching the community book has led him to work on a fuller introduction to the energy in God Is Indestructible – 12 Responses to the Relevance Crisis of Christianity. God Is Indestructible summarizes his trilogy on God‘s Energy, which represents the scholarly version of the energy topic. Christian has developed a process for synchronizing God‘s energy into one‘s life.

Individuals and groups can purchase 3 Color Test Tokens to conduct the Tests that now constitute Natural Character Development. These are known as the Gift, Empowerment, Communal, Spiritual Styles, Inspiration, and Stewardship Tests. The Love Test will be online soon; if you are interested in participating in the beta version of the Love Test to help NCD gather the data to create the international normation, please click here.

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