NCD Conference 19-21 April 2024

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A new and different NCD Conference!

Yes, we’ll review the basics like the 8 Quality Characteristics (QCs) and God’s growth principles. And yes, you will see more of the Trinitarian Compass! There will be more time for swapping stories about NCD and ministry in general, and how the Missional Journal process is working. And hearing what works, what you can take back to your corps to effect real change, and bear fruit – fruit that lasts!

“This has been an eye opener for me and I’ve been challenged in how I lead my corps.”

We’ll go deep into Loving Relationships to see how the new content and insights augment The 3 Colors of Love. The Love Test is the brand new addition to the Natural Character Development suite of tests. Dr Frank Guinta will be leading this discussion. Holistic Small Groups will provide another deep dive, because this is the Army’s Minimum Factor globally, not just in the UK. Major Chris Rideout, who some of you met at last year’s conference, will use The 3 Colors of Community and the Communal Test to lead our discussion about how community forms, caring for the whole person (whol-istic) – head, heart and hands. Peter Dornan will introduce the Energy concepts in God Is Indestructible – 12 Responses to the Relevance Crisis of Christianity and the Energy Trilogy by Christian A. Schwarz. Peter, based in Belfast, is leading the culture change process in the British Province of the Moravian Church.

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After registration, we will be in touch by email to invite you to complete one or both 3 Color Tests (the Fruit of the Spirit Test, the Communal Test).

“Very enjoyable weekend. Feeling empowered. Loved meeting new and old friends.”

If you have any questions about the conference or want to submit your registration by email, please contact Bill Bickle at NCD UK Canada at

“Lovely weekend and a lovely location and facilities – Very encouraged – Very blessed!”