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Books in the 3 Color Discipleship Series and God’s Energy

During the fall of 2022, we held a seven-week webinar series on Christian Schwarz’s book, God Is Indestructible – 12 Responses to the Relevance Crisis of Christianity. About 50 leaders from the United Church, Anglicans, Atlantic Baptists, The Salvation Army, Lutherans, Associated Gospel and others joined in seven 90-minute online sessions covering two chapters from the book, sometimes part of a recorded interview with Christin on the topic, a discussion with a guest faculty member, and breakout sessions. During the feedback, participants expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to meet with fellow leaders to discuss such an important topic together.

We are building on this energy by creating another webinar series this coming January and February. This eight-week series will explore the Trinitarian Compass and how 3 Color Theory helps uncover the reality of Empowering Leadership, Loving Relationships, Passionate Spirituality and so on. While this series is based entirely on NCD’s 3 Color Discipleship Resources, participants do not have to have a background in Natural Church Development (NCD). Each participant, however, will be expected to conduct a corresponding 3 Color Tests prior to each session; for example, prior to the week’s discussion on Empowering Leadership, participants will have been expected to conduct the Empowerment Test. Likewise, prior to the session on Passionate Spirituality, participants will have conducted the online Spiritual Styles Test.

The cost of $149 per participant includes:

  • access to the webinar series via Zoom on Tuesday mornings from January 10, 2023 to February 28, 2023 from 10:00 to 11:30 am EST
  • six online 3 Color Tests: Gifts, Spiritual Styles, Communal, Empowerment, Inspiration, and Stewardship

Your registration will generate six invitations to conduct the Tests which you will want to conduct prior to the appropriate session.

The Trinitarian Compass, covered in detail in chapter 2 of Christian Schwarz’s Color Your World with Natural Church Development (Canadian Edition 2005), provides a framework, or construct, for aligning our focus on evangelism & discipleship, tolerance & social justice, and emotional health & spiritual power. It puts the Trinitarian God at the centre of our theology and practices, bringing us to reflection of God’s light, helping us communicate/connect with God from where we are, and helping us achieve spiritual balance – at the individual, group, congregation and even denominational level.

Colour Your World

The webinar series will dig into the Trinitarian Compass through several different lenses including Biblical characters, change management processes, and the eight Quality Characteristics as outlined in NCD’s global research over the last two decades. There will be an introduction to the Trinitarian Compass and 3 Color Discipleship in Week 1. In subsequent weeks, we will explore each of Empowering Leadership, Gift-based Ministry, Loving Relationship, Passionate Spirituality, Holistic Small Groups, Inspiring Worship and Stewardship (Effective Structures) through a Trinitarian lens. Each session will include discussions with an experienced guest faculty member and

Our guest faculty will be joined by Christian Schwarz and Adam Johnston from NCD International, and the authors of the books and tests in the 3 Color Discipleship Series. We will have a chance to pose questions from the series and pursue ways forward discipleship development.

If you have any questions about the webinar series or wish to book multiple participants, please contact Bill Bickle at NCD Canada or (905) 885-6571.

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